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Mewant,as a brand belongs to Chongqing Ouyue Technology Co.,Ltd, was registered in the in EUIPO in October 2016 and succeeded in March 2017. Mewant specialized in customizing auto accessories,including car steering wheel cover,gear shift knob cover,handbrake cover and floor mats.
In July 2013,Mewant started the development and research of customized-special steering wheel cover,under the cooperation with Xuji, and le xiang lv tu who are the China's steering wheel cover manufacturers. Steven movement(hereinafter referred to as Steven),the founder of Mewant, opened the first store -- Movement auto parts in Aliexpress. Thanks to our professional skills and high-quality of special customization,our product is enjoyed by customers from different regions of the world.
In 2014,Steven started the second store JinShi Auto Accessories on Aliexpress,which mainly sells artificial leather steering wheel cover.
In 2015,Steven began the cooperative development and research of dedicated car mats, and then tried to sales in Movement auto parts.
In April,2016,Steven established his own company - Chongqing Ouyue Technology Co., Ltd,and won a large sales.But at the same time,many flaws appeared with the increase of sales,such as unstable-quality suede,loose-product management and inappropriate version type,which had an extremely harsh influence on customers. As a result of these flaws,Movement auto parts was published by Aliexpress, ended up with closing in September . This event not only caused great losses to our company,but troubled Steven. Since then, we sells all the products in JinShi Auto Accessories. Meanwhile,learning from this lesson,we began to found our own R&D team. Besides,insisting on "self-research and development,independent production,strict quality inspection ,high quality pursuit" principle,we applied to register our own brand trademark- Mewant. In November,JinShi Auto accessories was renamed to Mewant Accessories Store.
In March,2017, Mewant was registered successfully. In order to avoid the quality issues that happened before,we began to collect car versions from all over the world, aimed at original plate marketing, strove to the accurate version type without defects.
Although our company already has a specialized team and a wealth of experience, we are still pursuit the highest quality,and promises customers more perfect products. To achieve the customer's personalized customization,we provide different materials with colors. It's true that we care more about the feeling of customers than the sales. In other words, Mewant strives to satisfy every customer, and really become the hearts of each customer's "Me want".